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Getting Started
  • What does the name ACAT stand for and how are ACATs used? (KB03001)
  • How do we choose an ACAT to assess our learning outcomes? (KB03002)
    • What disciplines can be assessed using the ACAT?
    • Can we use different ACATs for different groups of students?
    • Can we change the areas we assess?
    • When do we administer the ACAT?
    • Can we see a sample before we make our decision?
    • How often are ACATs revised?

General Information (KB03003)
  • How do we order ACATs?
  • How quickly can we get testing materials?
  • Are there rush processing fees for rapid order fulfillment?
  • How will I know whether or not I'll be charged a rush processing fee?
  • How do we return materials for scoring?
  • Can we return unused booklets for a credit?

Should we use the paper or online version of the ACAT? (KB03004)

Are there ways to improve student performance on the ACAT?  (KB03007)

  • Communicate the importance of your assessment process.
  • Recognize student achievement.
  • Provide feedback to students on their performance on your assessment measures.
  • Examine course sequencing.
  • Examine type and frequency of formative assessments being used in class.
  • Are study guides available?

Scoring and Score Reports (KB03006)
  • How long does it take to get our scores back?
  • Who will the scores be sent to?
  • What information will be in my score report?
  • Do we get individual student scores on pretests?

ACAT Online and ACAT-N (KB03005)

  • How difficult is it to use the ACAT Online or ACAT-N for assessing our majors?
  • How will you know when we finish administration to a group of students?
  • What scoring options are available if we use the ACAT Online or ACAT-N?
  • What comes with our authentication codes?
  • Do ACAT Online authentication codes expire?
  • Can students with special needs be accomodated?
  • What if something goes wrong during a test?
  • Is live technical support available when we give the test?

ACAT Online/ACAT-N Support Notes (KB03008)

  • What are the minimum specifications my computer needs to run ACAT Online or ACAT-N?
  • I thought ACAT Online was a web-based test. Why am I being asked if I want to install a program on my computer?
  • Is my web browser supported by ACAT Online and ACAT-N?
  • I click on Start the ACAT Online / ACAT-N but the program won't start.
  • I get a message saying "Your computer screen resolution does not meet the 1024 x 768 minimum required to run this program." My computer says my screen resolution does meet the requirement.
  • I click on the ACAT Online/ACAT-N "Start" button and get an error message saying my connection with the server was prematurely terminated. All my other connections appear to be fine.
  • I'm not sure what to use for my authentication code. I tried my name and my student ID but got a message that said they were invalid.
  • I entered my authentication code and the program started. When it ran the system checks, I got the following message. <Error 3.33: The authentication code you entered has either expired or been used previously. You should notify your proctor or testing supervisor immediately. The program will exit when you click OK.>

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