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How do we use ACAT Online or ACAT-N for assessing our majors?

  • Once you have determined which areas will appear on your test and have ordered and received your authentication codes, it typically takes less than a minute to verify a computer will be able to administer ACAT. Setup instructions can be seen here. If you will be using ACAT-N, please refer to the instructions to the individual students here.

  • Students typically start by navigating a browser to the ACAT Online / ACAT-N web page ( Once the program loads onto their computer and starts, they enter the authentication code you provide them. If the code is valid and entered correctly, the testing process will begin.

    • Students will be required to identify themselves and to provide their student ID number and birthdate.

    • Students will be presented with several additional screens asking for optional demographic information. The students may skip any or all of these questions.

    • The test will begin when the student clicks on a button to start.

    • A clock at the top of the screen will show the student how much time remains in the session.

    • The student can continue until time is up or choose to exit from the test at any time.

How will you know when we finish testing our students?

  • The individual receiving the authentication codes will receive a weekly automated e-mail message with a cumulative list of students tested but not yet scored. When a group is ready to be scored, notify us by following the instructions in the message. If you administer ACAT Online to all your students in one session and do not want to wait for notification to arrive, notify us by phone or e-mail as soon as possible after completion.

What additional options are available if we use the ACAT Online or ACAT-N?

  • You can elect to receive automated e-mail scoring. You should receive your students' preliminary scores within 30 minutes after the end of a session. Group scores and statistical data will not be released until the regular weekly scoring after you notify us your testing has been completed.

  • You can permit your students to see their scores immediately upon completion of their test (example).

  • The forms that must be submitted to activate these options are available on this site for ACAT Online and ACAT-N.

Do authentication codes expire?

  • Unused ACAT Online and ACAT-N authentication codes do not expire and can be used at any time. Lost or missing codes will be replaced free of charge.

Can students with special needs be accommodated?

  • We rely on the judgement of your institution with respect to accommodation and will do everything we can to assist you with accommodating students taking ACAT, ACAT Online, and ACAT-N.

  • Notify us as soon as possible when you become aware a student will require extended time to take ACAT Online or ACAT-N.  Provide us with the authentication code to be used by the student and the amount of extra time or multiple (i.e., time and a half).  The additional time will be linked to the authentication code and will automatically be made available when the student starts the test.

  • The type size can be adjusted during the test.

  • ACAT Online software is not compatible with some text to voice translation programs.  Please contact us and we'll provide you with an authentication code you can use to determine whether or not the program will work with accommodation software available on your campus.

  • If necessary, we will provide a print copy of the test at no additional charge so that it can be enlarged locally or scanned into a reader program if we are unable to make the requested accommodation through the software. Note: We are unable to provide this service for students taking the test in unsupervised settings using ACAT-N.

What if something goes wrong during a test?

  • We provide a link with your codes to a web page that allows you to monitor your students while they are taking the test even if they are in multiple locations. The site will tell you who is taking the test, how many questions they have answered, and the time remaining. You will be alerted if a problem is detected and get suggested solutions. The web page also will show you the number of unused codes you have in each discipline.

  • A link on the monitor page will connect you to technical support chat. See notes about availability below.

  • It is possible to restart a test if the computer fails or the connection is lost. We can only provide instructions for doing so to a proctor or supervisor. Instructions will also be made available automatically through the monitor web page. When a session is restarted, the answers already received will be restored and the clock will be set to the time remaining when the failure occurred. We reserve the right to decline to restart a test if excessive time has passed since the initial attempt.

Is technical support available?

  • Technical support by telephone and chat is available during our regular business hours.

  • Technical support outside of our business hours for groups of 4 or more students must be scheduled in advance and is subject to staff availability. Instructions for scheduling are in the administration instructions.

  • If you are testing outside of our business hours and have not scheduled your session with us in advance or have fewer than 4 students testing, you can still leave a message for technical support including any error codes or messages received and a call-back number. We will respond during the next business day.


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