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We recognize diversity of opinion and content are key strengths of higher education and do not believe a monolithic test is an appropriate means for assessing its outcomes. PACAT provides faculty with learning outcomes assessment instruments matching their teaching and learning goals.

We believe building nationally referenced tests from items contributed by the faculty using them and allowing departments to select content areas relevant to their learning goals, provides the needed balance between locally generated and nationally normed tests.

We are committed to the fundamental premise that the content of the disciplines is vital to completing any post-secondary degree. The concept of majors and concentrations and the need for faculty expertise to offer them must rest on more than simply strengthening generic critical thinking skills and evaluating prior experience. Although these can and should play an important role in the ability to learn in the context of a discipline they should not substitute for knowledge about and experience with the specifics of that field.

The methodologies used by PACAT originated in the early 1970s in the context of student-paced instructor-taught college courses. Computer models were developed to create and score multiple-choice tests that measured the degree to which students were able to meet the behavioral objectives of their courses. Data from both formative and summative assessments were used for student feedback to improve learning and faculty feedback to improve instruction. PACAT remains strongly committed to both these aspects of the assessment cycle.

As the “assessment movement” of the late 1970s and 1980s grew in the southeast, a result of accreditation standards implemented by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and a number of state mandates, the PACAT approach was increasingly used to provide the data needed to meet the standards while at the same time informing the internal changes necessary to demonstrate improvement over time.

Today, the ACAT, ACAT Online, and ACAT-N have been administered more than 226,000 times since 2002 when the corporation was founded to continue the work started in 1970.



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